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Property Damage Inspection & Analysis

Wind Damaged Roof With Tarp Over DamageEvery year throughout the United States, severe hail and wind storms cause millions of dollars in property damage to the exterior of property. Many property owners and management companies are not aware that their property has been damaged. Unresolved, these damages continue to deteriorate the roof system causing increased problems in the future, which can negatively affect the property's value.


Fiantaco Construction  will provide you with a thorough, no-obligation property damage inspection by a Haag Certified Inspectors.  If damage is found, we will walk you through the entire insurance claim process. We are an insurance restoration specialist with the training to make your experience as easy and pain-free as possible; we work with your insurance company, not for them. You are our customer, so we put our years of experience and industry know-how to work for you.  We will make sure you get the most out of your homeowner's insurance coverage and subsequent repairs, and most importantly, that the renovations are done properly with no oversights.

Risks of Unresolved Potential Damage

Wind Damaged Siding

  1. Your roof's manufacture warranty is voided when hit by hail.
  2. It causes roof leaks within 2-3 years after impact, due to granular protection being knocked off (add link to picture explaining fractured shingle)
  3. Limitation on time period. If you wait to make a claim and the period ends, you will have to pay for the repairs instead of your insurance carrier when you experience leaks.
  4. Your home could lose value when sold. Home inspectors and appraisers are trained to look for prior damage and will deduct value when it is found.
  5. Your home will steadily decrease in value because the products on your home exterior are substandard, compared to the other residents in your area; who had their property refurbished with an insurance (hail) damage settlement.

Important Reasons to Have Our Inspectors Take a Look

Wind Damaged Roof With Damage Marked UpNo Costs - There are no out-of-pocket expenses (other than the insurance deductible). When damage is discovered, we work directly with your insurance carrier on your property to protect your rights and make sure they cover the total cost of replacing any damaged items on your home with top-tier products. No work is done until they agree and pay for repairs. We put this in writing.

Contact Us And Schedule a No-Obligation Certified Property Damage Inspection

We have been working with hundreds of residents in the area, identifying storm and hail damage that can have major effects on the structural integrity of your property if unresolved. Most roof damage is not visible from the ground and goes unnoticed by an untrained eye.