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Insurance Testimonials

Dear: Mr. Charlie.
Thank you for doing such a great job with roofing at my home which was damaged due to hales. Even though insurance company wants to pay for only part of the roof, your persistent efforts made them to pay for the whole roof. All the job were done well within time to the perfect satisfaction.

I would like to do some remodeling in my house. Please stop by our home any time so we can discuss this further.

Thank you.


Chris Z. Storm Damage To RoofChris Z. Storm Damage To SidingChris Z. Finished With Home Repairs

I am skeptical by nature.  So when Fiantaco Construction came knocking at my door, I was both reluctant and hesitant.  However, Charlie was able to point out many areas on my home that were damaged by a recent hail storm.  My insurance company initially balked at paying for most of the damage.  Charlie handled the claim and the battle with a bull dog mentality and professionalism.   The end result was my insurance covered more of the damage than I ever expected.  The work was also completed in a courteous and quality manner!  I have recommended Fiantaco Construction to several friends and would recommend them to you.

Chris Z.

Shannon W. Storm Damage To SidingShannon W. Storm Damage To RoofShannon W. Finished With Home Repairs

"Charles of Fiantaco Construction was amazing. He made us feel comfortable in explaining the entire process and also fought with our Insurance company to cover our entire claim. Charles was able to ultimately complete our project on time and his crews went above and beyond in being friendly and keeping a clean workplace around our house for our kids. I would recommend Fiantaco Construction over and over to anyone in need of an Insurance claim, new roofing, siding and or window replacement. You will be extremely satisfied as we were."

Shannon W.

Roy F. Stormage To RoofRoy F. Stormage To Side DoorRoy F. Stormage To Side Door

During the summer of 2011, a Hail Storm came through my neighborhood and cause severe damage to many homes in the Meadows of Canton Subdivision in Canton, Michigan. There were several constructions companies working the area, and several had stopped by my home requesting authorization to repair the damages. Basically, I turned them away thinking the storm hadn't damaged my home. I couldn't see the structure damage to my property without a professional contractors pointing out the damages to me.

Charlie Fiantaco, from Fiantaco Construction Company and his Staff came by my home and made an appointment to walk me through the areas that he had observed on other homes in the neighborhood. We discussed his skill sets within the construction business, and he assured me he could point out damages to my property, and most, if not all would be covered by my Insurance Company. The following week, Charlie returned promptly as promised, we walked the property and he pointed out damages to the Roof, Garage Door, Windows, Garage Side Door, and Gutters. Charlie drew up a Work Order and I contacted My Insurance Company. The Claims Adjuster met with Charlie, and he pointed out the damages and the possible cost. The adjuster took the Work Order under consideration and promise to respond within 10 days. From Charlie's prospective, the damages total was $21,000. The Insurance Company offered $15,000 for the repairs. Charlie and I scheduled another meeting with the Adjuster. During this meeting, the two walked the property and agreed to the $21K. I'm convinced that a person without the experience and the professional aptitude of Mr. Fiantaco, the home owner would have suffered a lost from the Insurance Company.

After the final meeting with the Adjuster, Charlie had his crew to replace the roof, from there the windows were replaced, next the side doors and finally the gutters. All this work was done in a timely manner with a personal agent assigned to my case. Any questions I had could be addressed to the agent.

My job was completed in total within a timely manner, with Charlie checking on every phase of the work that was being implemented.

In closing, my family personally thanks The Fiantaco Constructions Company and Charlie and his Staff for pointing out the structural damages done to my property. Also, Charlie challenges the Insurance Adjuster resulting with a positive settlement with the Insurance Company where they initially did not agree with the cost. I'm sure the Insurance Company would not have made the settlement on my claim if Charlie had not been as knowledgeable of the repairs and cost of the job. Our family highly recommends the Flantaco Constructions Company and Staff for all structural repairs.

Roy L. F.

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