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Insurance Restoration Process

When a storm strikes and damages your property and roof, the aftermath can be chaotic and confusing. At Fiantaco Construction, we're here to help you manage the claims process and restore your property and roof. We do everything for you and nothing without you.

We have performed thousands of insurance claims since 1989. We understand the insurance claims process can be time consuming, tedious and frustrating. We do it every day. Below is a step-by-step process to follow when navigating the insurance claims process. Following these steps will allow us to speed up the process for you.

Step 1: Initial Inspection & Claim Filing.

The inspection and documentation is a very important step in the process of claims work. A thorough examination can mean the difference between approval or denial of your claim with your insurance company.


We Are Haag CertifiedOne of our Haag Certified Inspectors will come to the prescheduled appointment at your home; to discuss the process and answer all of your questions. We will then inspect your property and roof. We then document any damage we find with photos and diagrams of the damage. . If the damage warrants an insurance claim, you will need to file the claim (this is the only part of the process we cannot complete for you). Place a call to your agent or insurance company's claims center and inform them of the damage to your home and the date it happened. This call typically takes only a few minutes.

When you receive a claim number from the insurance company, please contact your Fiantaco Construction representative and provide your claim number and adjuster's name and phone number. We will then contact the insurance adjuster assigned to your claim and schedule an appointment with the adjuster to meet at your home.

Step 2: The Insurance Adjustment.

Your insurance carrier will then assign an adjuster who will visit the home to confirm damage severity. Your Fiantaco Construction representative will meet the adjuster and answer his or her questions regarding the damage to your property. In addition, your Fiantaco Construction representative will give the adjuster a written estimate for the repairs. We know what it takes to complete the repairs and roofing project; we will be sure the settlement includes everything you need to restore your home to pre-storm condition.


Fiantaco Construction provides your insurance carrier with a full Aerial Analysis from Eagleview Technologies and scope report from Xactimate to ensure your home is estimated with the most advanced technology available. This ensures there are no discrepancies on size or estimating materials, making the process clear and painless.

Step 3: Obtaining and Reviewing the Insurance Estimate.

After the claim is approved and a settlement is agreed upon, your insurance company will send you a written estimate in the mail.  The settlement is the guideline of specifications for the contractor to follow. The carriers use predetermined prices, based on market analysis, for which they estimate each item. This might take as long as two weeks depending on the adjuster and the insurance company. You will also receive the insurance check for the actual cash value of your claim.

Once you receive the insurance estimate, please call your Fiantaco Construction representative to schedule a time to meet with you. At this appointment your Fiantaco Construction representative will review the insurance estimate and assist you in selecting the new building materials for your home.


Step 4: The Work Is Completed.

After the material selections have been made, your Fiantaco Construction representative will hand the job over to our experienced production staff.

If required, our permitting staff will apply for the permit and deliver it to your home. Next, our Production Staff will notify you when the materials will be delivered to your property. The work typically takes place as soon as possible after the materials have been delivered. If there is any change to the schedule, you will be notified immediately.

Once your home is restored, you and your Fiantaco Construction representative will perform a complete inspection of your home and property to ensure the work completed meets our strict standards and most importantly, your satisfaction.

After completion, we will invoice your insurance company directly for the remaining depreciation or balance of the claim.

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